Haiku and Senryu from Bygone Days

Some past melody
haunts the remnants of the days
while my heart exults.

Clouds look like pilgrims,
lands touch the silent blue skies,
and I’m in between.

Silent darkness hides
behind the shadows of time –
carpe diem, life!

Snowy peaks peruse
meadows, burned-out by the sun
but won’t cool them down.

Petals dance away
twirling in the unseen wind
like happy children.

The breeze slightly strokes
sandy beaches all around,
shifting perspectives.

Slowly breaking free
from its chains, humanity
will soar up one day!

Crimson skies narrate
why fire and rain once loved
the same old spirit.

A very old gate
creaks sometimes in the distance –
birds twitter back, pleased.

Perfection dazzles
the pond of endless visions
while angels awake.

Poetry’s written
in man’s deepest heresies –
why don’t you try it?

©2006 Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine’s work:

Book: Five Years and Counting. A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry

Spoken word CD: Rizen

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