Moonlight Haiku

dark night in the air
wintertime is drawing on
and hearts dance with joy.

a mischievous quill
that a hand tries to conceal –
a new phrase is born.

shadows on the wall
a funambulistic dawn
and a mirthful sun!

fields covered with grass
give a sense of existence –
He lives here as well!

darkness is gentle
but stars choose to conceal it
and rest quietly.

the Earth spins and whirls
on its juvenile axis –
who handles it all?

I can see the stars
study the lovely moon while
rocking an infant.

camouflaged, the night
awaits the critical hour
of crowning triumph.

Slowly, senses stir
and sing to the observant –
summers come and go.

drink the eternal
that your eyes catch in midair
and let your voice free!

today, tomorrow,
and yesterday are sisters
of the same instant.

© 2008 Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine’s work:

Book: Five Years and Counting. A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry

Spoken word CD: Rizen

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