My Beating Heart

Sweet eternity
Came and sat by my side;
Her hand softly stroked
My heart, the unchained dancer.
Inflamed and overcome,
My thoughts turned into a blur.
By a secret source, my mind
Had long been dreaming.
Then, daylight arose in the skies;
I opened my eyes.
Eternity soothingly
Lay her sweet hand on
My shoulder, numbed by cold winds.
Suddenly, I felt
The sublime take hold of me.
My tenderness, still
Dulled by silence and absence,
Appeared to demand
More ease and more strength from me.
Sweet eternity
Kindly held me in her arms
And whispered some pure,
Refined, and unforgettable
Tunes and sentences
Worthy of grand prophecies.

“When Heart beats, Spirit dances.
When Spirit dances, Universe comes to life.
When Universe comes to life, God creates.
Let your heart follow Time’s rhythm.
Let it love or you may kill your soul.
Be like the autumnal fog;
Weave your forms through shivery mornings.
Be like the wintery snow, whose first flakes
Are so pure as to attract man’s steps.
Be immortal like the horizon –
Always ahead of the eyes but forever shifting.
Let your heart follow God’s rhythm.
Because when Heart beats, God creates.”

© 2008 Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine’s work:

Book: Five Years and Counting. A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry

Spoken word CD: Rizen

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