Yes, We Can

“Yes, we can!”, I heard them say.
“Yes, we can!”
My dear friends, brothers, sisters,
Mothers, and fathers,
Answer me, then:
Can we stop poverty?
Can we kill violence?
Can we wipe injustice out?
Yes, we can, but we can what?

I am a citizen of the world,
And my skin tone matters not.
I do not care whether you are Black or White,
Gay or Straight, Sceptic or Religious.
These are words.
These are concepts.
They were invented by man.
Yes, we can, but we can what?

The innocent, they are still in jail.
The poor, they scream, to no avail.
The ailing, we find no cure for them.
Yes, we can, but we can what?

I heard a man promise his people
That equality, freedom, and respect
Would become an every day reality.
Where is he, now?
Yes, we can, but we can what?

Our children roam the streets.
Adults propagate their defeats.
“We hurt, God! We hurt,” they scream.
But God does not answer. Why?

Yes, we can, but we can what?

I think I know what we can do.
We can stop pretending we care.
We can start learning to share,
To acknowledge that we are scared
Of the world and what we have become.
Let’s be responsible,
Responsive, proactive.

We don’t need wars.
We don’t need pity.
We don’t need hate.
We need love, patience, and peace.
We need compassion and kindness.
Then, God will listen…

©2009 Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine’s work:

Book: Five Years and Counting. A Journey into the Mind of Soul Poetry

Spoken word CD: Rizen

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